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Objective: Identify companies that have implemented human resources management practices that could be defined as circular practices.

In order to achieve this objective, the partnership will rely on the expertise of HR Square's network. Indeed, HR Square has a large network of members, more than twenty of whom have expressed an interest in the innovative theme of the Circular HRM project. Various actions will be carried out between September 2019 and June 2020 to identify circular human resources management practices in European companies.

Action 1: Use the methodology of collective intelligence to create a questionnaire for European companies.

The National University of Galway has developed a methodological process for surveying stakeholders in the human resources sector. This participatory process involves several phases of exchanges with stakeholders in Belgium (members of the HR Square network) to understand and target their expectations as effectively as possible. From these exchanges, a questionnaire will be drawn up for the European companies identified by the partnership.

Action 2: Identify circular HRM practices that could be introduced in companies and analyze the HRM role in achieving circular business models.

All partners will be involved in the identification of at least 3 national companies that have developed new organization and/or business models that make their human resources more circular.

Once the first phase is completed, the final questionnaire will be sent to all members of the partnership. The objective of this second step is to understand how these practices have developed in different national contexts and where the will and motivation to change human resources management practices have come from.

Action 3: Raise awareness of circular human resources management through infographics!

When Phase 2 is completed, Pour la Solidarité-PLS and HR Square will review each of the studies received by the partners. They will be analysed and categorised according to the type of good practice implemented and the impact on the company.

A selection of case studies will then be made and presented as infographics. These infographics will be tools for companies wishing to improve their understanding and application of circular economy principles in their company's HRM.


Target groups:

  • HRM managers
  • HRM experts & academics
  • Circular economy experts& academics

Results expected:

  • Online survey for eco-companies across Europe
  • Case studies of companies that have implemented circular HRM practices (6 languages)
  • A context study introducing the case studies (6 languages)

Next Step:

  • Finalizing exchange with Belgium Stakeholders
  • Identifying good practices at national level
  • Developing the cases studies

Project Coordinator

Rue Coenraets 66,
1060 Bruxelles – Belgium
+32 2 535 06 86
Salima Chitalia, Project Manager

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