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Fundación Equipo Humano is a private non-for-profit foundation constituted in 2010. The aim of the Foundation is social and labour integration of people. The Foundation was created by experienced professionals from the HR consultancy field. At present, 20 people from different backgrounds are working in our organization, including psychology, political sciences, labour sciences, labour relations, law, etc.

Particularly, FEH has specialised in the implementation of innovative techniques and strategies focused on Human Resources in areas such as, employee engagement, managing internal process and decision making, development and planning of organisational strategies and methods, relationships with clients and suppliers, work environment studies and outdoor trainings and experiential training on transversal skills such as leadership, creativity, entrepreneurship and time management, among others.

The Foundation also works on employment and employability projects linked to as the regional governments of the Region of Valencia and Galicia. The addressed users are unemployed of all ages, and also population at risk of social exclusion (ethnic minorities, victims of domestic violence, migrants, and low qualified young and elder workers).


Project Coordinator

Rue Coenraets 66,
1060 Bruxelles – Belgium
+32 2 535 06 86
Salima Chitalia, Project Manager

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