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Third Circular HRM meeting

The project Circular HRM aims to support the transition of European SMEs from a traditional linear HRM model to a circular HRM model that enhances the regeneration of skills and competences at the work place and encourages circular business and organizational models. It is a project that it being implemented by 8 project partners, all being experienced European organizations.

Despite the crisis, the Circular HRM partnership is still working hard on the development of our circular training program for HR managers, employees and employers. For the same purpose, last week we had our virtual transnational meeting. It started on Tuesday, November 3rd and ended on Thursday November 5th!

As until now, in the future the partnership will continue to strive for full and effective development of the training program. Let’s keep working!


Project Coordinator

Rue Coenraets 66,
1060 Bruxelles – Belgium
+32 2 535 06 86
Salima Chitalia, Project Manager

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