Objective: Gathering all information collected during the project, validations of the course, platform etc. to assess the circularity of the project.

Pour la Solidarité-PLS is the leader of this output and mostly help by Kaunas for their expertise in assessment of activities and projects.

A1 – Assess the Circular Impact of every outputs of the project

The aim of the Circular assessment of the Circular HRM project is to assess the circularity of the project and results by gathering all internal and external results, comments from partners and stakeholders and synthesis them into a single document which will be a circular assessment of the project.

A2- Advocacy Paper for a Circular Roadmap

Once the Circular Assessment is approved by all partners, Pour la Solidarité-PLS will address recommendations on circular HRM to different stakeholders. The objective of this action is to provide a set of recommendations to improve the transition from a linear HRM to a circular HRM.

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Next Steps: