CKM and ARIS are the two leaders of this action due to their expertise in these fields. This action will only start in June 2020, once most of the training content will be validated.

Action 1: Development of the Learning management system and of the knowledge sharing platform.

Once the content of the training modules (theoretical online and workplace exercises) has been validated, CKM will develop a learning management system that will be used to make the content of the training modules available online. The knowledge sharing platform will allow collaborative interaction between users through learning and sharing activities. The LMS and platform facilitate a greater dissemination of the training across Europe and participants can access the course at any time and place.

Action 2: Piloting of the on-the-job mentoring and online component of the Circular HRM training programs.

This second action will be led by ARIS but also involved all partners. The online learning offers trainees the possibility to access flexibly to the platform and learn from different experiences. The training will be enriching especially for its cross-national character. Exchanging information and practices from students and trainers from other countries will enhance the training experience attractiveness and relevance. Companies will have multiple European perspectives to approach Circular HRM and business models and VET trainers will benefit from the transferring of pedagogical methods with peers from other countries. The online course will be accessible for all the trainers interested in participating in the training programs. They will be invited to go online and complete the online learning components.

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Next Steps:

IO3 will start in June 2020.